So how did you miss your flight?

You got to the airport in time – check 

You worked out how to do the self check in – check

You printed out your own baggage tags and put them on properly (wow) – check

You took out all the coins from your pockets, took off your belt, took out your computer, put your liquids in a little plastic bag, took off your shoes and got through security – check

You put your belt back on, your shoes back on, packed your computer away, whew, put your boarding pass in your top pocket so you wouldn’t lose it – check

Found the Starbucks ….. Whaaat!

The line up is longer than the one at security.
In fact there seemed to be no end in sight

What to do?  I have 40 minutes before check in. Will I ever make it?  Can I survive without a double short Americano?  Can I drink airline coffee.
I Never Drink Airline Coffee by CaptainDFW
Those little styrofoam cups do NOTHING for me – honestly.

You know what – I decided to tough it out.  It was like playing chicken.  The line slowly moved and the minutes quickly ticked away.  I rationalised the whole thing.  Was I prepared to miss my flight for a cup of Starbucks?  Well I was doing carry  on and I had a boarding pass so perhaps I would just become one of those famous people.  You know the ones – the announcement ringing out all over the airport.  “Flight XYZ is requesting passenger Lesley Keyter to report to Gate 5.  The flight is about to depart.”  You know they won’t really leave without you.  Right?  Really?  So finally the front of the line – grab the coffee – shove a couple of sweeteners and a stir stick into my pocket and RUN LIKE HELL.  You really don’t want to be that person who boards last having kept the whole plane waiting.  It is not the way to win a popularity contest – especially when the reason for being late is right there in your sweaty paw!

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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