Let’s give them a break

We have heard much in the news lately about passengers being dragged off planes, others punched by flight attendants and pilots drunk at the controls.  Maybe we should give these people a break.  Can you imagine what it is like to go to work every day on a plane?  It sounds sexy but it is not really.   Long hours on your feet, days away from home, the huge responsibility of navigating through turbulence, fog and thunderstorms.  We really should be appreciating these people a lot more.

Some of the situations flight attendants have to deal with would leave you speechless.

  • Hearing a baby crying and the sound is coming from the overhead bin – a newborn infant between two carry on bags as the mom thought this was the bassinet!
  • When a passenger asks you to mail your shoes to him as he is a cobbler and apparently there is a big market on ebay for used flight attendants’ shoes!
  • Advising a couple on how to join the Mile High Club – sage advice actually. This flight attendant told them to go to the bathroom – not together – one first and then the other – so it would be subtle!
  • When passengers ask you if they can borrow your dental floss!

And then there are the poor pilots…..   No wonder there is stress in the industry.

But let’s face it – there’s got to be some pay back.  Yes pilots – we know your job is boring and tedious but think about it – you get to walk around the airport in that sexy uniform, you get to stand at the door saying goodbye to everyone – looking like a Hollywood film star.

Of course we know it is just the uniform that creates this effect.  😊

And pilots have a sense of humour too

But did you know that pilots (and flight attendants) have their own language?

I just love this list of slang words used (courtesy of Business Insider Australia).

Bird: Plane/Aircraft.

Flyboy/girl: Pilot.

Ramp-rat: Ground crew.

Cowboys: Cargo Operators.

Pointy end: First Class.

Slam-Clicker: A flight attendant who either doesn’t socialize after a flight or is too tired to — they go straight to their hotel room, slam the door and click the lock.

Crop Dusting: When flight attendants walk down the aisle and fart.

Trolly Dolly: Used to describe a flight attendant pulling the cabin bag in the airport.

Bottle to Throttle: Curfew hours. It is the cut-off time that you are allowed to have a drink before the start of your duty.

Slinging hash: Serving the meals.

Screamer: A passenger who has lost his or her cool.

Steerage: Coach class.

Cockpit queen: A flight attendant more interested in the front end of the aircraft than the cabin.

Blue room: The bathroom.

Tuff cuff: Plastic handcuffs for disruptive passengers.

Crotch watch: The required check to make sure all passengers have their seat belts fastened.

Crumb crunchers: Kids.

Gate lice: The people who gather around the gate right before boarding so they can be first on the plane.

George: Autopilot. “I’ll let George take over.”

Landing lips: Female passengers put on their “landing lips” when they use their lipstick just before landing.

Last Minute Paperwork: A delay causing the flight to wait before paper work. For example a revision to the flight plan or maintenance getting the logbook in order.

Two-for-one special: The plane touches down on landing, bounces up, then touches down again.




By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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