You may have noticed a trend lately on some of your flights that there is no in flight entertainment.  Many airlines are encouraging you to download an app on your ipad or computer before you fly.  This means you can use your own equipment to watch a film.  If you don’t have the download or if you don’t have an ipad with you then you can rent one – from the airline of course.  The problem is that sometimes the rented ipad (or even the comp one in the premium economy class) just doesn’t work very well.

Or perhaps you are on a long international flight and you do have seat back tv screens – so you don’t need an ipad then – but again, sometimes the screens just don’t work very well.

People become very mad about this situation.

Just google “inflight entertainment” and see how many cases there are of people wanting compensation because they had hours of flying with no entertainment at all.

I have to wonder about this.  Apart from the fact that you can read a book (a skill that seems to be fading fast), just sit and observe – there is a whole world of entertainment around you.  A veritable Hollywood in fact.


It is inevitable when you put 600 people in a metal tube flying through the air at an altitude of 39,000 ft for hours on end you are going to come across some strange people and/or some strange behaviour.

Check out Shawn Kathleen’s facebook page – she is a former flight attendant, self named the Sassy Stew.  During her time in the air she documented horrible passenger behaviour which people had a problem believing, until she started sharing the photographs.  https://www.facebook.com/PassengerShaming

It is quite incredible what some people will do on a plane.  Things that they would probably never do in their own home (or maybe not).

passenger shaming 4

Just about anybody who has travelled has had the experience of annoying behaviour – and it seems that the longer the flight the more annoying the behaviour becomes.  Things such as –

  • Everytime the person behind you stands up they use the back of your chair like a hoisting crane
  • The person who constantly checks their stuff in the overhead bin and bangs the door shut waking everyone up around
  • The person who is sitting behind you and has that nervous foot tapping thing going on

People are always surprised when I tell them I love flying – despite the above.  Think about it.  Time is so precious.  When was the last time you got to spend 8 hours doing absolutely nothing except reading, sleeping, eating and drinking.  Fantastic!  No errands to run, no phones to answer, no emails to send, no cooking or cleaning to do.  Bring it on.  I love flying and I really do not need any in-flight entertainment to keep me happy.  But then maybe I am the strange one.

reading on plane

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


    1. Well….yes it is annoying but I don’t imagine people could last a 10 hour flight sitting upright. It is a situation that won’t please everyone, that’s for sure! No easy answers except maybe a neck brace and a sleeping pill!


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