No, it’s not checking your passport (although that’s important) and it’s got nothing to do with working out foreign currencies or putting bookmarks in your Lonely Planet book for places you don’t want to miss.

It’s about the shopping.

You see shopping while you are on a trip is fun – true.  But the pre-travel shopping you get to do BEFORE your trip is the best shopping ever.

I tried to figure out why pre-travel shopping gives me such pleasure.  I think part of it is because it is guilt free.  After all – I am going to be travelling – so naturally I NEED a new pair of sketchers as opposed to wanting a new pair.  It is so easy to justify buying new things when you are preparing for a trip and what a rush when you get home and unpack that new travel bag, walking shoes, quick drying socks – not to mention the new sunglasses (but I NEEDED them).  I often feel that the planning and preparation of a trip can be just as much fun as the trip itself.  Although be careful with your pre-trip shopping budget….

shopping meme

There are so many fun travel things that you really will need for your next trip –

You might need a new suitcase – heaven knows – mine is really battered by now so I think I will be looking at this soon.  Decisions decisions.  Do I go soft cover or hard cover?  Four wheels are definitely a must.  Something distinctive would be good so I can spot it on the carousel.  If you can’t find a distinctive looking suitcase you can always buy a sticker for your old suitcase and ensure that nobody will pick this one up from the carousel

Apart from the usual travel essentials such as a rain jacket, travel umbrella, anti-pickpocket purse there are some really fun things you can add to your pre-travel shopping list.

Running around airport terminals dragging your suitcase but need to stow your coffee cup somewhere?  No problem …

travelling coffee cup

Or this one … a portable bidet no less.  Seriously.  I must be missing something here but just look at all those happy faces on the box!!  portable bidet

And for those hot and sweaty destinations – now all your troubles are over with this air conditioned shirt
air conditioned shirt

And with this nifty gadget you will never need to worry about catching the flu …or anything else for that matter
germ wand
The germ wand will keep you protected as you sanitise your seat before your fly.   Although your fellow passengers may think that you are auditioning for the next Star Wars film

But this hand travel gadget wins hands down –

Much better than the coffee cup holder – imho.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


    1. Well Jill – you never know! I must confess I am wondering if the travel bidet would be an acceptable carry on item. You know how security is these days and it may be embarrassing for a lady to explain the function of this odd looking device while in a busy line up! Travel safely – and cleanly! 🙂


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