Killing time at the airport

That inevitable announcement – or even worse just an update on the screen – your flight is delayed – AGAIN.

This unfortunately has been the scene at many airports over the Christmas season.  A combination of woes such as the bad weather, de-icing machines not working and US customs computers going down.  People ended up spending hours and hours and hours at airports all around the world.

So where’s the good side in this?

OK – don’t shout at me all together.  You have to suck it up, you know that.  It’s frustrating when your flight is delayed due to airports not having a back up system for example but when your flight is delayed due to high winds or bad weather – well come on!  Are you a risk taker because I certainly am not.  So let’s look at the good side and how to while away the hours when your flight is delayed.

Find other delayed passengers and have a good bitch.  Misery loves company and people love to share their stories.

Schmooze the check in desk agent – be nice!  Sympathise with them having to deal with grumpy people.  Make sure you let them know that it is not their fault and it must suck to have their job in this situation.  You never know – when the flight does get the go ahead and they start boarding you will stand out and maybe even get an upgrade!

Pay for one of those massage chairs and then pretend to be asleep when your time is up.  They are really comfortable.

Go walk.  These airport terminals are HUGE.  If you have a fitbit even better.  Just think how many steps you will be able to do and you will probably sleep like a log when you finally do get on your flight.

Use the free internet at the airport and watch some films.  If you haven’t had any downloaded in advance maybe you can connect onto Netflix or one of those streaming services.  Sign up for the free trial if necessary.  Then treat yourself to a good laugh and watch Airport.

By the time they call your flight you will be laughing your way to a first class upgrade, your back nicely loosened up from the massage, feet tingling from your Fitbit marathon, chatting to your new BFF’s.  It’s a win!

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


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