You laugh but it’s true

Now that is such a South African expression and I am sure my South African friends will be chuckling – You Laugh But it’s True is also the name of the film about the life of Trevor Noah.  The sm He has an inspiring story but the message behind this is that however bad things get sometimes you just have to laugh.  And that my friends is so true when you start talking about travel.

We hear so much in the news – the delayed flights, people stuck on the tarmac for hours, angry crowds at airport terminals, people floating around in cruise ships with no engines… goodness me!  I could go on.   So it is refreshing now and then to have a chuckle at the funny things that can happen ….

…. on planes

flight companion

dog on plane

…… at airports

Yoga airport

A different reason below for being stuck at immigration ….  this is what happens when you are not paying attention to your 4 year old!


in taxis ….

When you get off the plane, train or ship  –  sooner or later you are going to end up taking a taxi –  here’s a contribution from one blogger ….

One of my all-time favorite countries to travel in is India. If you have ever been you know that this is one of the craziest countries in the world to drive in. The streets are crowded, the cars share the road with cows, camels, horses, dogs, bicycles, huge trailers, tuk-tuks, buses and pretty much everything that moves.

The rules: there are no rules. They use their horn for pretty much everything and if you want to drive past someone you just honk your horn and drive around. When we took taxis in the northern parts of the country I saw my life flash before my eyes every five minutes.

In New Delhi we had an awesome taxi-driver that drove us around the city for a couple of days. In the world’s second most populous city you have to be pretty crazy to become a taxi driver. At least that is what we thought sitting in the backseat of his taxi listening to AR Rahman, the Mozart of Madras blasting threw the broken speakers whilst dodging cars and cows.

I ask him: “so what makes a good taxi driver in Delhi?
He says: “a good taxi driver needs three things; good breaks, good horn and good luck!

Laughing and smiling after he gave us his words of wisdom he continued to drive us safely through the streets of New Delhi.


in hotels ….

when your room attendant has a sense of humour –
towel art

and ….. on ships

We had a really funny lecturer on our last cruise on the Silver Muse.  He said he had got quite sick on the cruise (there was a bit of a flu thing going around) so when his voice got really hoarse he decided to go down and see the doctor.  He knocked on the Medical Room door and when the nurse answered he whispered hoarsely “Is the doctor here?” … “No” she said smiling “Come in quick.”

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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