A funny airport welcome – not

I am sure you have seen those signs when you enter the arrivals hall after a flight. There might be a group of people with flowers, balloons and signs. Welcome home – Granny we love you – Welcome to Canada. Well there is a twist on those airport welcomes as was seen recently in Australia. This guy find out his girlfriend had been unfaithful – this was his welcome home sign for her as she stepped into the arrivals hall …

Well that’s a bit embarrassing …. I feel a bit sorry for the girl and so apparently did a lot of people online. This welcome certainly generated a lot of opinion. As someone said – he must have been pretty upset to put himself out there in public as being cheated upon. In medieval times being a “cuckold” was something to be ashamed of so he must have been pretty upset to humiliate himself like this. Someone said on twitter that if she was the girl he was meeting she would have just walked right past him without stopping as if she didn’t know who he was. Good call!

These kids had something else in mind to greet their mom when she arrived at the airport

Or this wit … how to call someone out

But I think I like this one the best

Airports can be bewildering places and it is always reassuring to see someone there to meet you – even if it is not family. I always book a transfer so that when I come through into the arrivals hall there is someone there with my name on a sign. Nothing worse than arriving tired and jet-lagged in a strange airport and not knowing what the heck to do or where to go. Also a pretty nice service I have found is the VIP fast track where someone meets you at baggage claim and then walks you through immigration. What a pleasure that is – I had this service in Egypt and also in Barbados and it was so quick and easy and no need to stand in a long queue.

But as always – it pays to keep your sense of humour whether at arrivals or departures.

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.


  1. Another thing I love about The Travel Lady. The sense of humour. A class act travel company with 5 star staff members. Olga came through when other travel agents at other companies would have given up. I will never use any other agent besides the Travel Lady. 10 out of 10 with e erything they do. Thanks so much all of you.


    1. Wow Karri – that is fantastic. I will pass this on to Olga as I know she will be pleased and proud to have looked after you so well. Your praise means a lot to all of us. Thank you so much for taking time to let us know.


      1. You are most welcome Lesley. I should be thanking you! Again, I’m honoured to be the first award giver! Lol. Italy? I’ll be calling you when I get back from Portugal. Talk to you in a month.


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