All about the view

When you cruise (if you cruise) do you like to have a view of the ocean as you sail. Well yes, most people would say, but not everyone. Some people don’t care what the view is and just concentrate on the price. First of all let’s look at the staterooms. (By the way it is frowned upon in the cruise industry to use the “c” word – cabin!)

If you were looking into a hotel and you were offered a room with no windows I think you would be a bit shocked – but an inside stateroom on a cruise ship is not entirely a bad thing. Some people love to get the good pricing and they say that they don’t care about the view. They only use the room for sleeping and showering and I guess that makes sense. The thing that I don’t like about an inside cabin (oops sorry) is that I have no idea of the time of day or where we are in the world. Some of the new cruise ships have pretend windows with pretend views, I guess to make you feel less claustrophobic – for those who do. For those who don’t it is a real saving. But how clever is this?

Inside Stateroom with Virtual Balcony Cat. J – Room #9291 – Deck 9 Midship Navigator of the Seas – Royal Caribbean International

A virtual balcony – even has sounds (that you can turn down if you want). Wow – that would definitely make a difference. As long as you are not a sleep walker!

So let’s say you splurge – let’s go with an ocean view! The best price is going to be the guarantee. What does this mean? Basically you are guaranteed to get an ocean view somewhere on the ship and maybe even a free upgrade to a better ocean view. Now wait – it is starting to get complicated. Isn’t an ocean view an ocean view? Well yes, that is unless it is obstructed – usually by a lifeboat. Now it might be a little bit obstructed so you have a bit of a view past the lifeboat – or it might be totally obstructed and consequently quite dark inside. So be careful of guarantee. Most of the time you are guaranteed to be unhappy with the choice.

Yuck – not the best view

OK – let’s leave out the ocean view and go big time – veranda or nothing! Good choice. But there are verandas and then there are verandas. What does this mean “metal” veranda. Well it means the room is in that part of the ship where it narrows towards the front usually and instead of having a glass balcony wall you get a solid metal one. Sure you still have a veranda but unless you are six foot tall you have to stand up to see the view. Not my favourite. Or sometimes you just have that jolly old life boat in the way.

It’s all about the view …. not the view from your room but your view of life. Anything can be fun if you want!

By Lesley Keyter

Lesley Keyter is the face of travel in the fast growing city of Calgary. Every week since 1997 she has has featured live on the Morning News Global TV.

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